Nobility Freezy Iceshimmer



Clubjugendsieger 2019  Dt J-Ch Club  Dt Ch Club  Dt Ch VDH

Nobility Freezy Iceshimmer

Date of Birth; 06/12/2017

Color: black/white

prcd-PRA free
DNA Profil

gives all 4 colors BbDd


Manfred and Birgit Ufer


Dt J-Ch Club  Dt J-Ch VDH  DK Ch  SE UCH

Glenspey Blue Disco


Dt J-Ch Club  Dt J-Ch VDH  Dt Ch Club  Dt Ch VDH  Clubjugendsiegerin 2016  Clubsiegerin 2017

Nobility Alphabetty

Niko got his name because he was born on St. Nicholas Day.

Now and then we also call him Nikolino.

If he doesn't hear at all, which rarely happens, it becomes NIKOLAUS.

He is a very calm representative of his breed and a tolerable boy who loves our litlle Beardiegirl Lycka more than anything.

He accepts meetings with many other dogs but likes to go his own way and is more related to people.

He loves grooming and is jealous when Lycka is brushed and cared for.

In all situations, Niko is rather calm and not sensitive to noise.

He likes to romp around in the garden, but can also chill out.

When it comes to exhibition, he becomes a DIVA.

When he sees the exhibition bags in the hallway at home, he can hardly wait for it to start.

He shows no interest in agility!  We tried it, but why jump over an obstacle when you can run past it.